About Us

Our Story

Investment ‘Plus’ Consulting
Over the past 15 years we have gained
considerable experience on high-profile projects, working for a variety of brands in China and globally.

8 Staff
We are a boutique consultancy and have a range of skills and resources available for any client project.

6 Nationalities
Our multi-national staff have a variety of skillsets and
cultures that we can bring to any project.

33 Countries
Experience of working in a number of countries, expanding
into new and emerging territories from our Shanghai base.

Operational Effectiveness
We are focused on creating win-win investment ‘plus’ solutions that connect the right partners and maximize our client’s return on investment.

Why we are different

Been there, done that.

Building successful companies can be the most rewarding and challenging experience one can have in their professional life.

With several successful exits and magnificent failures under our belts, we have developed a taste for talent, a nose for BS, an ear for game changing ideas, an eye for pattern recognition and a sense of which narratives will ‘move the needle.’