Guangzhou’s Second Group of Fintech Sandbox Projects Commence Official Operation

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Three projects from the second round of the Guangzhou fintech regulatory sandbox have officially kicked off operation.

The Guangzhou Fintech Innovation Regulatory Trials Work Team announced on 16 August that three projects were officially providing services to customers, including:

  1. “Risk Transaction Early Warning Services Based on Knowledge Graph Technology,” under implementation by the Guangdong province branch of Agricultural Bank of China.
  2. “Micro and Small Enterprise Financing Services Based on Big Data Risk Control,” under implementation by Bank of Guangzhou and SequoiaDB (广州巨杉软件开发有限公司).
  3. “Foreign Exchange Illegal and Risky Conduct Identification Applications Based on Knowledge Graphs,” under implementation by the Guangdong province branch of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange and China Guangfa Bank.

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