Meet the Sci-Fi startups at Boost VC’s Demo Day! | by Maddie Callander | Boost VC | Apr, 2021

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At Boost VC, we invest at the intersection of Amazing Humans, Sci-Fi Tech & Trillion Dollar Markets… Meet the companies from our latest Demo Day.

Who are we? Boost VC is the $500k Accelerator for Sci-Fi founders. Applications for our next $500k accelerator are open!

What is Demo Day? Every 6 months, we host a digital Demo Day to showcase recent investments to hundreds of angels and early stage investors. Investors can view company profiles and connect directly with teams they are interested in meeting.

We’ve invested $500k in each of these companies — we’ve worked with these teams for the last 4+ months are excited to share the opportunity with you. These founders are some of the best in the world, thriving and growing in the most challenging conditions and using the latest technology to solve some of the hardest problems we face today.

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