Tribe 13: Request for Startups — Crypto, The Future of Money | by Brayton Williams | Boost VC

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In 2014 we made a pledge to invest in 100 crypto startups. We succeeded last year but are still looking for more.

In 2009 with the invention of Bitcoin by Satoshi Nakamoto — we have seen what true decentralization can do to money. The implications of a decentralized programmable money are endless. But we have only just gotten started. We have mastered (almost!) the on/off ramps (Coinbase), exchange (Binance/CoinbasePro) and storage (Ledger/Casa).

Now that we are hitting a critical mass of people with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, we enter a phase of applications of what to do with that new money outside of speculation. We are starting to see more engagement around financial products like loans/interest, remittance and general payments. Simply put, we want to find more founders working on applications that enable the movement and use of decentralized money.

This is a non-exhaustive list. We have seen and invested in all aspects of crypto but believe going back to the basics — a programmable decentralized money — is still under utilized. We are searching for the best entrepreneurs using the latest technologies to solve the hardest problems of today. Or as we like to say, making SciFi a Reality. If you are working on crypto , the future of money, come talk to us!

Or email me — brayton (at) boost (dot) vc — if there are more future of food requests I should be searching for!

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