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Marc Andreessen’s famous statement of “Software is eating the the world” has only become more true as the war between “Atoms” and “Bits” rages on. The digital economy now makes up more value than the physical by market cap, and with the globalization of technology, we do not know where the top will be. However, the one thing that has yet to be digitized is our environments… Until now, Virtual Reality is here and it’s the real deal.

VR is the greatest communication, self-expression and research device that the world has ever seen.

Humans love connection, but up until now, we have always been restricted by geography of presence. I am in the United States. But what if you spent 12 hours of the day in a digital world, do you exist on that server? Are you a US citizen? Will you have to pay US taxes or Digital world taxes?

Whether it’s Ready Player One or Snow Crash the importance of having a computer on your face is exciting. What motivates this new world? What changes in society? How do communities work, when being together is not about geography, but about interests?

I believe Virtual Reality is now. We have investments who have shown they know how to make a business in a market with limited distribution, but with the emergence of the Quest, and the $100m reported spent on the Oculus app store, I think we are about to see an enormous influx of capital funneled to the industry.

  • Education: 🎒 The Matrix exists, you can learn things faster by experiencing them more. We have invested in Apex Officer, Vantage Point, Virtual Speech and more all tackling specific verticals of learning and training. I believe this is going to be one of THE largest verticals in the world.
  • Mental and Physical Health: 🧘 🏃‍♀️One use case that has emerged in Virtual Reality is Fitness. I use it to stay active, which I would never say about my phone or my computer. We have invested in FitXR and YUR, which focus on this vertical, but I believe there are going to be hundreds more opportunities in this space. In addition to fitness, mental fitness is going to be a real thing in VR. You can meditate in a more visual way.
  • Being Together: 👫 I think that Arthur, PokerVR, TeleporterVR are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to social. The KILLER app for Virtual reality is “BEING TOGETHER.” or “SOCIAL.” I believe that VR will enable concepts for being together that were previously impossible: Alcoholics anonymous with anonymous screen names, Therapy, Video game playing. I want to find people who are experimenting with the idea of “Forums” for 3d. Or trusted anonymous networks. VR is going to change the way we interact for the better.

We are searching for the best entrepreneurs using the latest technologies to solve the hardest problems of today. Or as we like to say, making SciFi a Reality. If you are working on Virtual Reality come talk to us!

Or email me — adam(at) boost (dot) vc — if there are more Virtual Reality startups I should be searching for!

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