Tribe 13: Request for Startups — OceanTech | by Adam | Boost VC

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3 years ago I went on a quest to get to the bottom of this whole Climate Change debate. I read books and articles for 6 months, and I found myself believing that the Ocean is the key to all of it. Ever since then, Boost VC has been discovering some of the most passionate entrepreneurs in the world, around the intersection of oceans/entrepreneurship. I think it’s time to solidify “OceanTech” as a tech industry.

From Aquaculture to Shipping and logistics, there are trillion dollar markets dependent on the oceans existence. If it wasn’t for the ocean, humanity would not exist. And if I have it my way, we will have ocean cities within 20 years. The ocean hosts 70% of the worlds commerce, and 95% of it’s communication bandwidth.

We are searching for the most determined entrepreneurs using the latest technologies to solve the hardest problems of today. Or as we like to say, making SciFi a Reality. If you are working on Oceans come talk to us!

Or email me — adam(at) boost (dot) vc — if there are more OceanTech startups I should be searching for!

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