Tribe 13: Request for Startups — Longevity | by Brayton Williams | Boost VC

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A common superpower is the ability to live a very long time and sometimes even immortality. Wolverine regenerates and heals all physical ailments. Thor is over 1,000 years old. Deadpool can’t die.

Humans have been trying to keep up. In today’s day, we are living longer BUT we are in poorer health for longer. Doesn’t seem like a great trade off. We are looking for founders building companies helping us live longer and healthier lives! As people today are in awe when someone reaches 100, the next generation will see that as a norm. For those interested in learning more about the topic, a fun book came out recently by Dr. David Sinclair, “Lifespan: Why We Age―and Why We Don’t Have To.”

What Are We Looking For:

  • Own The Longevity Community: 👵👴This will be the ultimate tribe/cult. Create and own the relationship with people looking to extend their lives. This will be built over time with trust and results, eventually becoming the greatest distribution channel for longevity science.
  • Super Babies: 👶 Instead of fixing problems when they happen, can we start out human life minimizing the threats of cancer and disease. Although a delicate subject, more people are becoming comfortable using tools to help conceive healthy children.
  • Measuring Success: 📈 The efficacy of certain drugs and lifestyle practices still remain difficult to measure. The problem of long term sacrifices for potential future results make many hesitant to start at all.
  • Death: ☠ ️Even with longevity, we all die. Death still remains one of those topics we all experience but few want to speak about. Interested in people working in this area — whether it be planning and optimizing(!) for death, memorializing loved ones, etc.

We are searching for the best entrepreneurs using the latest technologies to solve the hardest problems of today. Or as we like to say, making SciFi a Reality. If you are building superpowers for longevity come talk to us!

Or email me — brayton (at) boost (dot) vc — if there are more longevity requests I should be searching for!

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