The 13 companies at Boost VC’s first digital demo day!

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The Boost VC Accelerator: We invest $500k in Sci-Fi founders.

Last week we closed a new $40M fund! And Tribe 14 applications are open!

Live Q&A with the founders

This week we had our first ever digital demo day. Hundreds of investors showed up live to view company profiles, chatted with founders over Zoom and scheduled meetings. With how well it went, digital demo day might be sticking around post quarantine!

And now… The 13 companies at the first Boost VC digital demo day!

Apply to Tribe 14 at!

Adventure Lab — Virtual adventures with a live host from anywhere.

Agnostiq — Security for Quantum Computers.

BitRefill — Live on crypto. Buy anything you want with your coins.

Drapr — Virtual Fitting that actually works.

Fairmint — A new way for a company to fundraise.

OpenGrants — Connecting early-stage, science-based startups to non-dilutive capital.

Privacy — Your personal data, under your control, for your benefit.

ShipIn — Optimizing Fleet Management Through Visual Analytics.

Sunroom — Self Service Leasing for the Real Estate Industry.

Tribe — Immersive Skills Training.

Tvori — #1 Design and Prototyping platform for VR and AR.

Urbo — Micro-mobility for human trips under 5 miles.

YUR — We make games a workout.

You can see the rest of the Boost VC portfolio at and apply to Tribe 14 at

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