First $500k: Request for Crypto Startups | by Brayton Williams | Boost VC

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Crypto founders, apply to Boost VC for your first $500k!

Boost VC is looking to invest in 2 crypto companies in the next 2 months for Tribe 14. Apply at

Since 2013 we have backed Coinbase, Keep, Etherscan, Wyre, Aragon, Abra, Unstoppable, Casa and many many more.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of things we are interested in backing:

  • Cult Coins: 👯 Cryptocurrency communities in many ways look like cults and religions. The cryptocurrency 1. identifies you as a believer 2. gives you access to the network 3. shares in the upside the group creates. The anarchists and libertarians got obsessed with Bitcoin, the technologists got excited by Ethereum and the Doge community loves their memes. We are going to see more custom coins created for different cults/communities/tribes and want to see more experimentation here. I could see these looking like DAOs or even personal tokens.
  • For profit DAOs: 💰Two consistent trends I have seen in the DAO space over the years are people building tools for DAOs and then general community DAOs with no clear agenda. The tooling is ready. I want to see capitalist driven DAOs, coordinating people to make profits.
  • Companies built on stable coins: 🏦 Just as there are bitcoin first/only companies, there will be large ones built from stable coin first/only. As the money printers go brrrrr around the globe, people want a store of value. Bitcoin is not that store of value… yet.

Still the best founders we back are ones who convince us of their vision of the future. We want to hear your idea and tell us how you will make it happen!

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