First $500k: Request for Biotech Startups | by Brayton Williams | Boost VC

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Biotech founders, apply to Boost VC for your first $500k!

Boost VC is looking to invest in 2 biotech companies in the next 2 months for Tribe 14. Apply at

Over the last couple years we have backed biotech companies: InterVenn (AI driven mass spectrometry), NewCulture (lab grown cheese), Dynomics (regenerative molecules to reverse heart failure), NextBiotics (engineered viruses for good) and are looking for more!

Here is a non-exhaustive list of things we are interested in backing:

  • Food to Change Your Mind: 🍄 Whether it be nootropics or psilocybin it is becoming more mainstream to explore how chemicals and food can enhance us all. Read Michael Pollan’s “How to Change Your Mind” and tell me this wave isn’t coming.
  • Super Babies: 👶 Instead of fixing problems when they happen, can we start out human life minimizing the threats of cancer and disease. Although a delicate subject, more people are becoming comfortable using tools to help conceive healthy children.
  • Software solutions for process problems in life sciences: 💻 As Benchling (Adam angel investment) enhanced and scaled the R&D process for life science, what other processes need improving?
  • Using biotech to solve mass hunger and thirst: 💧More people than ever to feed and less drinkable water. What technological breakthroughs are happening to solve these problems that we can bring to scale?

Still the best founders we back are ones who convince us of their vision of the future. We want to hear your idea and tell us how you will make it happen!

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