‘Boost VC’s $500k Sci-Fi Accelerator — Apply to Tribe 14!

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Boost VC’s $500k Sci-Fi Accelerator — Apply to Tribe 14!

Are you a Sci-Fi Founder looking for investment? Apply to Boost $500k accelerator. www.boost.vc/apply

We are investing $500k in 10 startups for Tribe 14.

What’s new at Boost VC?

  • Last Fall, we announced our New Boost VC Accelerator: $500k for Sci-Fi Startups. We are looking for ambitious entrepreneurs using Sci-Fi tech to solve the worlds hardest problems.
  • Last month, we closed a $40M fund. Read more on TechCrunch.
  • We hosted our first Digital Demo Day at the end of April. You can check out the companies here.

What are we looking for?

Every year, we share “request for startups” in the different industries we invest in — you can read the latest posts here:

  • 💰👩‍💻📈 Crypto 👈 Click here to read
  • 👾😎🌎 Virtual Reality
  • 🐠🌊🧜‍♀️ Ocean Tech
  • 🔬🍄🍕 Future of Food
  • 🧙‍♀️🤖🦾 Human Augmentation
  • 👵🏼🍎🧬 Longevity
  • 🚀🛰🪐 Space 👈 COMING SOON

Application FAQ

  • To Submit an Application: www.boost.vc/apply
  • Deadline: All Tribe 14 Applications must be submitted by Wednesday, June 3, 2020 at Midnight PST.
  • Dates: Tribe 14 will start in August 2020 in San Mateo, CA.
  • Location: San Mateo, CA. Our program combines in person and digital events. Housing & office space is provided for teams in residence during the accelerator program.
  • Learn more: www.boost.vc/accelerator
  • Questions: Reach out to us at apply@boost.vc

Ready to submit your application? www.boost.vc/apply

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